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Forge Fach is a vibrant, modern community centre based in Clydach, South Wales.


Play & Leisure Library

The Play and Leisure Opportunity Library is based at Forge Fach Community Resource Centre and is a unique project in Wales, being the first play and leisure library for children and adults with disabilities.

The Play Library is a registered charity providing specialist toys and leisure equipment through a lending library service. The library is open to individuals and families in the community as well as centres, clubs and professionals such as teachers, support workers, child-minders or foster carers who support children or adults with disabilities.

If you or a family member has a disability you are entitled to use these facilities for a very small, 'one off' annual charge, starting at £20 per year.

Structured 'Stay and Play' sessions and After School clubs are also available.

If you would like further details on using the library or if you are interested in a structured ‘stay and play’ session, please contact 07546 267468 or contact

For further information please click on the link below.