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Forge Fach is a vibrant, modern community centre based in Clydach, South Wales.


Our CSR Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is community facing and focused around our four key stakeholder groups:

  • Our Users
  •  Our Local Community
  •  Our Environment
  • Our Staff

Forge Fach Community Hub provide a range of services for users with varying needs from the local community and business sector.  We recognise that the support and services we offer, and indeed how we operate has an impact on our key stakeholder groups. Engagement and development is at the heart of all our operations

Our Users
The Forge Fach Community Hub has built its reputation on the basic principles of trust, loyalty and commitment to its users within the community and the business sector. 

•    We offer a space to the whole community that is valued and supported regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, disability, political, religious or other opinions.
•    We provide services to the Business sector through offering meeting facilities and conferencing facilities.
•    We provide social interaction opportunities through a wide selection of learning and leisure classes.
•    We provide support to users through third party workshops; for example ;  Benefit and Back to Work advice and Job Seekers workshops
•    We provide respite space and services for carers and users.
•    We provide bespoke activities for marginalised clients.
•    We provide a Community Café for interaction and engagement.
•    We provide a local cinema showing a range of films across genres and offering Autism friendly screenings and other marginalised group screenings.
•    We provide a range of social enterprises benefiting the community, for example; Community Cinema Council and Community Gardening Scheme.
•    We provide rented office space for small and developing businesses.

Our Local Community

We endeavour to give back to our community where we can. 
Charitable Work

•    We provide professional advice to local support/care providers.
•    We provide professional training to local support/care providers.
•    We raise money for local ‘good causes’.
•    We provide space for charity events and fund raisers.
•    We assist in raising the profile of those charity events/fund raisers.

Community Involvement
•   We provide work experience to individuals to help build confidence, develop social skills and to learn new skills.
•    We provide courses to enhance individual’s life skills and develop learning.
•    We encourage all staff to take up community volunteering roles, whether it be a local council position, school governors or assisting with community initiatives.
•    We provide learning opportunities for example; our community garden scheme which encourages people to learn how to grow plants, vegetables and flowers.  Being taught by other members of the community and then selling the produce directly to the local community.
•    We actively encourage communication and engagement throughout the community. For example through our ‘Befriending’ scheme and ‘Assisted Cycle’ scheme.

Our Environment

We recognise the need for reducing our impact on the environment through addressing our carbon footprint.  We have:
•    Increased the use of email and online media rather than paper based communications.
•    Minimising the paper based information retained on files.
•    Using recycled paper stock.
•    Using smaller print formats and indeed reducing the volume of printed materials.
•    Printing double sided where possible.
•    Recycle points for waste including paper, cardboard, metal and plastic.
•    Source locally produced food stuffs to serve in our Community Café.
•    Source Fairtrade products where possible.
•    Manage an effective food supply route to limit the food waste.
•    Effective portion control to eliminate unnecessary food waste.

•    All recycling bins are sent for recycling.
•    Hazardous waste is disposed off appropriately.
•    All redundant furniture and furnishings donated to local charities.

Energy Usage
•    Energy efficient light bulbs.
•    Energy efficient heating is used.
•    Appliances configured to reduce water wastage.
•    Staff encouraged to turn off electrical items when not in use.

•    Car share is encouraged where possible for all staff and business bookings.
•    Cycling and walking is encouraged especially as we are situated next to National Cycle Route 43.

Our staff
•    We treat all individuals within Forge Fach Community Hub with honesty and respect.
•    We consistently strive to develop all our staff to be the best that they can be.
•    Continually develop the depth and range of our own skills to service our clients and support our colleagues.
•    Staff members are encouraged to voice concerns and indeed to put forward and discuss ideas and opportunities.
•    We hold social events to encourage communication and participation.