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Forge Fach is a vibrant, modern community centre based in Clydach, South Wales.


Our History

Forge Fach sits on the site of an Old Forge, once powered by the adjacent waterfalls. When the Industrial revolution left the small forge redundant, the land was donated to the community of Clydach by the Player family.

An open air baths was built which was fully operational up until the end of the 20th Century. The baths fell into disrepair and a decision was made to form a development trust who sought funding to build a community resource centre.

Forge Fach public pools

In 2013, the trust went into administration. The Local Authority stepped in to ensure the centre remained accessible. In October 2015, Walsingham Support took over the lease for the building and today Walsingham Support are committed to providing an inclusive community hub to embrace the community as a whole.  Walsingham Support want Forge Fach to succeed and become a viable commercial entity and are prepared to support the growth of Forge Fach in the embryonic years.